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Since the turn of the millennium BRS™ applies world class benchmarks to assure adherence to legal obligations and regulations through Adding-Value-Assessments (AVA), and these for the protection of communities and consumers. As a consumer-centric accredited third party management services entity we provide the provision of assessment, certification, verification, validation and solutions in environmental, quality, health and safety, corporate and social responsibility, sustainability, business continuity, supply chain assurance and security. What we do demonstrate a true indicator of performance.

BRS is an international accredited third-party service provider that serves businesses, governments, non governmental organizations and not-for-profits entities. We help client-organizations make lasting enhancements for growth, since the 80´s.

Who we are:

Through BRS exclusive assessors, we can assemble an appropriate and effective team to help client-organizations worldwide.

What we do:

We work within the free-market at all levels of organizations, across a wide range of industry sectors and functions, worldwide.


    Our work across supply chains, serving private and public sectors worldwide, includes government, food & beverage, over-the-counter remedies, security, medical, manufacturing, chemical, transportation, engineering, distribution and retail services. To this effect police departments, food suppliers, hospitals, clinics, tourism, hotels, restaurants and also industry operating in collaboration with national defense programs. The consumer-centric benchmarks that we apply help achieve and sustain benchmarks that truly matter, these are regulatory based including QMS ISO 9001, EMS ISO 14001, FSMS ISO 22000, HACCP MS, HACCP HARPC MS, BS OHSAS 18001, ISMS ISO/IEC 27011, Social Responsibility - Accountability and others.

BRS™ is an independent management services organization working to help improve client-organization's food safety, quality services and goods, security, health, hygiene, environmental, et al operational performance worldwide.

Our consumer-centric focus and impartiality third party management services brings us a reputation that gains traction worldwide.

We help client-organizations sustain a distinctive, lasting and substantial practices and methods to the performance of their organizations with a consumer-centric focus. We contribute to updates and and challenges to help client-organizations improve. Our assessment - audit teams carry the necessary competence, objectiveness, mission, values and a vision with purpose to professionally thrive.

  • We're about acting local with global shaping effects
  • We're consumer-centric
  • We're about trust
  • We're about enabling assessment - teams to thrive enhancing clint-organizations´processes
  • We're about true impartiality
  • We're about innovative solutions
  • We're about passion in what we do

Mission, Values and Vision for a PurposeAmerica, Europe, Euro Asia, Middle East, Asia Pacific
BRS™ carries an unparalleled depth of both functional and industry competence across frontiers. Our consumer-centric purpose is carryout through a common mission, values and a vision to help client-organizations improve performance in ways to benefit the marketplace. This is why we carry the highest client-organization retention rate in the industry. At hearth, we are a network of exclusive professionals who are passionate about helping organizations and governments in their challenges that makes a difference in protecting consumers and serving as a world benchmark.     

    Our mission is "to provide courteous, friendly, and ethical "adding-value-assessment©" accredited registrations, as we help client-organizations meet international benchmarks with integrity, while enhancing their administrative and operating practices."

    Our vision is to be the most favorable option to client-organizations
    in the protection of consumers (not to be the biggest issuer of certificates).

    Our values are Integrity in Ethics, Cost-benefit, Vigilance, and Social Responsibility. The BRS trademark convey these values through its colors.

    Our purpose is honorable and noble through accreditation of a public trust.

BRS™ certifications are designed, developed, implemented to carryout to eliminate barriers of efficiency, communication, speed, and performance with objectives in simplification. We promote simplification as quality (newest) frontier and legal signatory to protect consumers through unsurpassable impartiality. 

Exclusive World Class Assessors [Proficient - Professionals]
Our team of professionals are exclusive, as we do not hire freelance assessors to work in our behalf. Our reputation in third party management systems services is built through a network of professionals to conduct assessment for BRS™. This is possible through our mission and set of core values for a noble and honorable purpose. Our selection process is undoubtedly the most rigorous in the industry requiring professional experience, education, assessment work, endorsement and patience as the mean for our consumer-centric consistency. BRS™ exclusive professional assessors must achieve advanced assessment team leader (ATL) status.

Our Purpose is through Global Accreditation
To date, we currently hold one accreditation that covers areas of jurisdictions for each of our regions; North (and Central) America, South America, Asia Pacific, Middle East & North Africa, Eurasia and Europe. Our accreditation derives from the only Public Trust authoritatively empowered for accreditation and recognition. BRS™ Regions are free to acquire local accreditation.

The Public Trust based accreditation program provides for BRS™ client-organizations to opt for a unique serialized seal from the GlobalNet Certification Committee (GCC) specific seal by completion of the following:

  • Signing an agreement to the purpose of the GlobalNet Oversight Board (GOB) "for the protection of communities and consumers, and to promote, encourage and participate in product and service initiatives from America" , and
  • Since the GOB is a Public Trust (governmental tripartite authority) operates through resources that derive from annual donations - donations that can only be applied to sustain the purpose of the GOB as a Public Trust.

The GCC unique seal, integral to the GOB seal, demonstrates your organization's commitment to the protection of communities and consumers. To obtain your GCC seal to demonstrate acting rightfully inquire through a third-party serives provider such as BRSTM.

Rim of the World Operations
BRS™ central activities operates from the Rim of the World Operations in California U.S.A. through a dedicated global community that carries a consumer-centric purpose with no ties to self - preservation special vested interest within a free-market economy. As an innovative and internationally recognized and
accredited certification - registration and inspection body. At BRS™ we come together with greater flexibility, responsiveness, and consistency of services applying technology to attest for conformity, effectiveness in providing registration worldwide to ultimately protect communities and consumers; we a re global team across industry and national boundaries BRS global structure .

For information regarding certified organizations, as this information we make available and accessible upon request through our web sites, please contact us to verify certification(s) that we have granted or status of current certifications and other services. For suspensions and withdrawal go to brsglobal.us






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