world class investment...At BRS, we are an innovative international registration body providing confidence in clients' brands worldwide. We provide validation, branding, inspection and certifications activities in North America, Asia, Asia Pacific | Pacific Rim, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Latin America. BRS is committed to operate under sound principles of corporate governance in accordance with the highest ethical and integrity standards, as an accredited consumer-centric entity. We recognize the importance to our clients, shareholders, and the investing community of this commitment.

Our years of experience provides us with a solid reputation and a very unusual business advantage, since 2003.

Looking at our accomplishments since founded and now we look forward at new goals. At BRS we are  proud at our accomplishments and innovations. We feel enthusiastic about our progress extending globally and what this does for our client-organizations.

We are one of the few true U.S.A. based third-party certification bodies that is consumer-centric accredited with operations in Canada, Europe, Euro Asia, Asia Pacific | Pacific Rim, Middle East & North Africa and Latin America and with centralized activities at the Rim of the World Operations (ROWO) in the high-elevations of Southern California. We have established an innovative operating structure for the ongoing pursuit of "best-in-world class".

Accepting the challenges of global expansion makes us a more effective certification - registration body to benefit and provide value to client-organizations. On behalf of our global team, thank you for helping BRS celebrate continuous growth successfully and ongoing consumer-centric third party entity.

Mrs. Irene Sola
Corporate Office
President, Madame Chairman

Mr. A. Burguet
Corporate Officer
Current President

Other Corporate Officers include:
M. H. Chapa and B. Tamez as they carryout supervisory roles to assure that mission, values and vision to a dignify purpose are sustained.

To continue our growth we are currently looking for investors in exchange for a share of the BRS business - since 2010 we have distributing shares from our revenues. Currently BRS includes a number of partners-investors. BRS is within a multibillion dollar market and continues to plow for gains through a consumer-centric reputation. We are not a startup venture we are a solidly established business, and we are a global benchmark stated by client advocacy with accreditation. We will use the vast majority of the investment for business growth.

BRS, founded in 2003, and we carry 40 years plus of experience.

Making history... our group since 1984...

  • From... in the 90's, Petrolera Argentina (Chevron) needed a change - and fast. Combining our adding-value- assessment principles with Kaizen-Blitz we assisted Petrolera Argentina to establish a position to be acquired by Chevron-Texaco... in the process winning the highest environmental laureate, "The Green Cross"... and so the history goes...
  • In 1998 Toyota needed that operations be ready with EMS ISO 14001 compliance as part of their strategy to serve as environmental models and we did it, and so the history goes...
  • Through 2000 to 2005 Kimberly-Clark Professional Health Care needed to advance their global operations to achieve international quality management... and so the history goes...
  • In 2003 a sister company, supported the Government of Egypt in qualifying their professionals in all its national laboratories (120 plus) in world class ISO/IEC 17025 advancement with key assessment visits, and so the history goes...
  • In 2006 a Major Defense Contractor for USA DoD seeks a registration partner that contributes to establishing better rapport through and to the DoD as the organization grows, and so the history continues...
  • 2006 through 2007 we lead in providing professionals with food safety training and organizations with food safety certifications... and gaining clients such as major contractors for Defense Systems, and supporting reputable organizations such as Nestlé... (we no longer provide training activities, we concentrate in third-party activities)... 
  • We continue growth with the advent of a Country National Police, major Construction conglomerate from Europe in North America, major brands like L'Oreal, Knorr - Ajinomoto, Snapples, Dr Pepper, Abener, Teyma, Abeinsa and many others are under BRS inspection, validation, branding or certification programs.

We make history by supporting organizations and governments within the free-market since 1984... as in 2003 we begin operations advancing in the inspection, validation, branding and certification market, and so the history continues...

The result? Today, we bring a best in class approach and options to assist our clients to exceed. We have the capability to design, develop and receive approval of advanced training venues for our exclusive professionals; this capability could benefit organizations that require assessments to bear a BRS "Certificate of Recognition". At BRS we only assign assessment activities to exclusively BRS competent and qualified professionals; and this is all part of raising the bar for today and with your help we are to continue progression in the protecting the supply chain whether foods, toys, beverages, and other goods. We listen instead of talking and talk when needed to help make changes into setting the stage for competitive advantage.

In one way or another, the BRS trademark has been known since 1984 within the realm of high quality and now in the new millennium as a consumer-centric third party provider. In the past few years, the certifications has been expanded to include safe food management, occupational health & safety and other disciplines that relate to lost prevention & control, et al risk management.

BRS is a truly an international brand with a consumer-centric purpose and operations across America, Europe, Euro Asia, Middle East, North Africa and Asia Pacific. BRS operates through its exclusive network of professionals worldwide - we do not assign assessment activities by subcontracting work.

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BRS is a Consumer-Centric Third-Party Services provider, a Dun & Bradstreet rated company



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