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BRS (Rim of the World Operations, ROWO)

For accredited validation, certification, inspection or branding services contact us. Write to verify certifications, suspension or withdrawal. Information regarding certifications, suspensions and withdrawals is publicly accessible on a need to know basis and with the authorization of client-organization in adherence to law. When sending e-mail identify the organization, your region / country and helpful a subject title relevant to the inquiry including reason of the request (i.e. supplier, complaint). Feel free to write in English, Spanish, French or other languages including Portuguese, Italian, Farsi-Persian, Bahasa (Indonesian), Malay, Turkish.

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America, Europe, Euro Asia, Middle East, Asia Pacific

From North America (Headquarters refer to BRS Rim of the World Operations (ROWO) in Southern California USA) you may reach us through your particular region, by phone at 909 324 1185 or by e-mail (click the icon above to send e-mail by click above black rectangle reading "Click here to contact us", and we will promptly respond. 

Asia / Asia Pacific: For ASEAN - Asia Pacific and Australasia regions; Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and China - Contact BRS Certification Malaysia Sdn Bhd at 03 - 3323 1129 and Fax 03 - 3323 1192 [32, Jalan Bungor 3, Bandar Botanic, 41200 Klang (Kuala Lumpur) Malaysia, or e-mail us (click for link at the top of this page) for our regional delegate regional assessment team director Ms. Yap Siow Ling.

Canada, North America, contact us at +1.909.324.1185

Caribbean: Contact ROWO direct at +1.909.324.1185 (24 / 7) or click icon at top of page

South America: Mrs. Sonia Alfonso Peña in Bogota Colombia (or call 315 25 44141 in Bogota, Mrs. Constanza Garcia Tarquino - BRS ATL QMS| EMS, Food Supply Chain, Andes Regional Team Leader, this for BRS.

Central America: Contact us for redirect link (click button at top of this page), services may extend from the Andes or the North America region.

Euro Asia , based in Istanbul, Türkiye: a BRS 'Recognized' organization, contact Ing. Burcu Özcan, in London, Regional Assessment Team Director for Euro Asia (Covers part of Eastern Europe, Asia Minor and Asia Mayor).

Middle East contact , Middle East & North Africa (BRS MENA): Mr. Ali Behnam or Mr. Saeed Ramezani, a BRS local-accredited management services certification body for North Africa and Middle East with operations base in Istanbul and Tehran, Accreditation Body is California USA IAS.

Europe, Western: (inquire from within the USA); Through BRS Rim of the World +1 909 324.1185 for UK and Nordic Regions, and for France and the Iberian Peninsula ( Spain and Portugal, Italy) contact BRS Spain SL with office in the Aragon Region, Regional Assessment Team Director Dr. Carlos Gaspar; see "click here to contact us" icon at top of page to link contact. And for the Western Region Dr. Antonio Gonzalez Rodriguez for Galicia and Portugal.

Mexico center for Central America and Carribbean: see icon at beginning of this page "click here to contact us" and we will provide a contact closes to your city or through USA at +1 909 324.1185, location of delegates based in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon with directorship for two sectors; (1) Food Supply Chain and (2) Quality - Environmental - Occupational Safety & Risk Control 

USA: (for West and East Coast contacts); Rim of the World Operations, message center West Coast +1.909.324.1185 for Regional Assessment TEAM, contact BRS bar at the top of this page for redirect.


Telephones within the United States and Canada, International Operations; For the global message center see international inbound also Rim of the World Operations 909.324.1185

    Base of Operations, Rim of the World Operations (ROWO) with location in Southern California, San Bernardino Big Bear Mountains, California USA - Hilltop Blvd. (Rim of the World Operations, PO BOX 1020, Running Springs, CA - within a National Forest Reserve, for mailing address write to BRS Rim of the World Operations, Running Springs, California USA 92382-1020.

BRS is an Certification - Registration Body centralizing operations in the USA an carrying accreditation as a legal entity further accreditation may be local as in the case of BR MENA. BRS provides services in collaboration with through BRS exclusive professionals worldwide.

Also visit Asia Pacific , and US specifics as part of our base of operations as a certification body, others



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