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Management System for Private Security Operations (MPSO) based ISO 18788

MPSO based (SMS) ISO 18788 sets forth the fundamentals for a security operations management system for the broad activities security. The MPSO market is highly competitive, and BRS® an MPSO ISO 18788 certification requires an assess-audit that includes administration and field operations. Field operations includes the likes of banking, railway, air, logistics, property, transport, construction sites, inventory security, commerce, consumers shopping or any private security operations including business continuity.

MPSO based SMS ISO 18788 (and QMS ISO 9001) sets forth the basis for harmonization, consistency and means to optimize processes for growth. This includes identification and evaluation of risks with aims to protect based laws, regulations and contractual agreement. On the basis that the business of MPSO is security a set of policies followed by procedures is necessary, for the ROI (return on investment) to be feasible and viable.

What is MPSO based ISO 18788?MPSO 18788

Provides a basis for commercial arrangements between two parties (BRS® and client-organization) leading onto operational enhancements in demonstrable ways of consistency, predictability and reliability within  security operations services. This establishes and maintains safety and security of their client's' operations within a framework than needs to address applicable laws, regulations and contractual arrangements. In all, it  provides  the  principles  and  the requirements  for a security operations management system. The ISO (an NGO) sets forth publication name 18788 (Management System for Private Security Operations) to help organizations to enter and maintain a business risk management framework for organizations conducting or contracting security services in ways to: conduct security operations that are harmonized for any given security service provider; provides a basis for accountability to applicable legal statute; a basis for consistency to successful actions learning experiences with voluntary commitments to exercise due-care.

ISO 18788 applies to any  type  of  organization  conducting or contracting security operations, particularly  in  environments  where  governance  can be enhanced (improve).

The need for MPSO applying ISO 18788:

The benefits of ISO 18788 is based on the ability of the organization  to  detect  applicable  legal  and  regulatory  guidelines  in  supporting its  business  functions  within its role in the contracted supply chain.  ISO 18788 is appropriate  for  any  kind  of  organization involved in conducting or contracting security activities.

ISO 18788 certification helps organizations, identify, establish, implement, maintain and enhance its role within the market by its Security Operations Management System and at the same time assures that the organization has implemented an accountable effective controls considering prevention | elimination | reduction | mitigation (P|E|R|M). In this way demonstrates that client-organizations commitment to  continuously provide  qualitative services in fulfilling customer's needs for physical protection of assets, et al brand name (reputation). 


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