Social Responsibility & AccountabilityCorporate social responsibility | Social Responsibility & Accountability (CSR, SR&A) provides organizations to demonstrate competence in managing accountability and responsibility principles. To this effect Management Systems Guide ISO 26000 may be fused wihin your organizations management programs and supply chain.

BRS SR&A encompass ethical, legal, commercial and public expectations as part of today's enterprise in human rights.

    It is for us with great honor to be accredited by the GOB for matters of Human Rights as their Board of Directors carries a former USA Human Rights Ambassador to the United Nations.

BRS SR&A includes principles addresses:

  • Labor issues of morality whether child, forced or discrimination,
  • Protect worker's right,
  • Health and safety in the work environment

For this matters BRS SR&A attestation with certification provides demonstrable objective evidence as follows:

  • Your organization's commitment with competence to Human Rights,
  • That your organization provides a work environment with safe and healthy conditions,
  • Your organization's ability to protection of "brand",
  • Provides for workers a path of work satisfaction,
  • Support compliance at the point-of-origin as well as the points-of-sales.

The ongoing pursuit to improve social accountability falls as integral part of organization's objectives, practices, policies, mission, et al encompassing the brand. BRS SR&A (which can apply, only as a guidance, ISO 26000 2010 and principles of SA8000) provides the fundamentals to conduct competent and impartial assessments with objective to validate practices and methods through BRS certification protocol.

Download one-page brochure in pdf, and for information on ISO 26000 [ISO 26000 a guidance document and does not provide specified requirements or means to attest for certification]



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