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Environmental Social & Corporate Governance, ESG

ESG criteria is set by a particular business to demonstrate to others for potential investment, environmental responsibility and as steward of nature. I may also include programs to assure occupational safety and health consciousness and actions and the use of energy technologies. In all is a risk factor that encompass employees, surrounding communities, consumers, contractors, suppliers and other interested parties. Governance deals with matters of organizational leadership and internal controls associated the herein indicated matters. ESG has migrated, and now consideration given, to financial and banking interests. In regards to ESG, the U.S. Department of Labor has released regulations potentially impacting individuals and corporations.

What is ESG and how does it work?
Environmental responsibility may include energy use, waste streams, pollution, conservation of resources mainly natural, and treatment of flora and fauna. Through ESG Policies your organization can identify, evaluate, and act in ways to help to the business objectives demonstrating its role and responsibility as steward of nature. At the same time the organization's compliance to applicable laws and regulations. Consideration needs be given as follows:

  • Environmental encompass matters pertaining to quality of the natural aspects such as carbon emissions, applicable environmental regulations and use of natural resources.
  • Social aspects encompass matters pertaining to safety and health of product and services.
  • Leaderships best encompass to organization's management, board, ownership and associated oversight including communities and consumers. 

Pros and Cons
Socially responsible investments had a reputation requiring unknown risks. ESG has risen to a practical, operational, and administrative purpose without giving or exceeding free market best market practices. Financial institutions are now requiring have ESG published policies.

How can we help?
Our experience in matters interacting with today's Environmental Social Governance (ESG) was within the mining sector beginning in 1998. Mining of manganese, silver and other metals. At the time we integrated best quality practices and environmental responsibility. This was necessary for a mining corporation to enter into the NYSE. Later starting in 2010 we did similarly for the construction of renewable energy plants and the energy sector. Today we infuse other risks and business aspects that relate to renewable energy.

Based experience, as an accredited third-party service provider, and through the application of descriptive-certifiable internationally recognized and generally accepted benchmarks we can help. Help through our validation, inspection, and certification experience through the application of management systems for environment responsibility, quality as integral part of the supply chain, safety, health, and security. Help through analysis and identification of gaps in ways that you can pursue a required certification. These can be through the integration of practices and methods that are to your business' activities while sustaining free market practices. In setting forward an ESG Program, consideration is given as follows:

  • Integrity in Ethics,
  • Gap Analysis, expectations,
  • Alignment of practices and methods,
  • Policies and Initiatives,
  • Board Oversight,
  • Metrics through Targets and Goals, and
  • Internal Controls as part of monitoring.

Which requires planning, analysis, design, implementation, testing, integration and maintenance. Good earth stewardship begins with Integrity in Ethics infusing antifraud, anticorruption, and antitrust statutory laws and regulations. Good earth stewardship includes protection of communities and consumers. 

One step aheadThis is to respectfully work with what your organization has already established, developed, implemented, to sustain ESG expectations. Any gaps necessary to market perception to internal reality are identified.

As signatory and bearer of a US-based public trust for recognition and accreditation and chartered for the protection of communities and consumers provides fundamentals in exercising due-care.


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