Safe Food Supply BRS provides Food Safety Management System (FSMS) HACCP (Codex 21 CFR Part 120 - 9 CFR 417, Part 110 Food GMP and other regulations) and ISO 22000 Certification - Registration and Validation Programs. These are regulatory based whether USA FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act with HARPC - Hazardous Analysis Risk-based Preventive Control), MS 1480, NOM-251-SSA1, EU 852 and alike national regulations. BRS assessors are ready to Annex SL.

BRS© legally binding and authoritative validation and certification programs contribute and help to ensure consistent safe quality foods from farm-to-table. Authority that provides freedom of understanding of organization's business management system for the protection of communities and consumers while exercising due-care.

What is ISO 22000?
FSMS ISO 22000 is a specification that supports organizations in managing food safety, which set forth fundamentals for safe food processing that address communication, prerequisite programs, HACCP principles within a management package. BRS© Business Management System (BMS) includes current best practices and methods such as Preventive Controls (HARPC).

The newer revision basically adopts the Annex SL ten (10) Section format.

What is HACCP MS and HACCP HARPC MS? < HACCP MS Local Edition USA now includes HARPC - Preventive Controls>
Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point Management System provides a specification for organizations within the food supply chain to manage and control food hazard and risks fundamentally based 9 CFR 417, 21 CFR 110, 117 and 21 CFR 120. HACCP MS may apply throughout the food supply chain including farming, equipment, utensil, manufacturers, cleaning and detergents, ingredients and additives suppliers, packaging materials suppliers, food processors, catering, retailers, restaurants, logistics and transport of foods. HACCP MS is an effective way for small, medium or large-sized organizations to demonstrate competence in managing to produce, handle or process safe foods.

HACCP HARPC MS adds to HACCP MS the Risk-based Preventive Controls attune to USA Food Safety Modernization Act, incorporating, as applicable Foreign Supplier Verification Controls, which FSMA requires from importers.

What are the benefits?

  • Objectively demonstrate your organization's commitment and competence to manage food hazards to control risks.
  • Communicate with the public, authorities, suppliers and customers.
  • Set fundamentals to confidence and trust with competence.
  • Favorably and fluidly integrates with current operations and administrative practices and methods.
  • Position your organization as a supplier of choice to your customer base, as the food supply major players are keen of HACCP and FSMS ISO 22000.
  • Provides for business sustainability that is entirely compatible with your organization's current practices and methods in managing regulations and legal obligations.
  • Through actualization and improvements drives business performance.
  • HARPC strengthens HACCP through, among other components, control of allergens and food defense.

Pointers to the Preventive Controls HARPC MS:

  • Leadership role, actions and effectiveness on the protection of consumers,
  • Applying regulations through a best practices and methods,
  • Prevention focus,
  • Value personnel competence onto proficiency based-PCHF (Preventive Controls for Human Foods),
  • Consideration of hazards to specific nature of the food activities,
  • Appropriateness and effectiveness of the food safe program,
  • In pursuit that the FDA path is being followed



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