Assessment Security based on IEC/ISO 17799

More security does not imply more secure. Effectiveness in the secure enterprise it is not about monitoring, but about managing the "whole".

    During the past few years, businesses have worked to implement new technologies designed to enhance their competitiveness. Now, a time when many of these companies are trying to focus on optimizing the value of their acquisitions, they are also faced with an array of malevolent and ever changing threats to their businesses plus changing regulations.

Cybercrime at the DoJGuidance on when and how to notify cybercrime... BRS accreditation is legally binding to the Department of Justice as a registered accreditation trust.

Corporate reliance on technology gives rise to software malicious codes, hacking, (authenticity) denial of service, and other information and technology security issues. Further, Information Security Management System Assessment (ISMSA) based ISO/IEC 27001 is mutually inclusive with BCMS (Business Continuity ISO 22301) based regulatory for reason granted through public trust accreditation. ISMS - BCMS verifies the implementation and the effectiveness in securing information and technology by adhering to ISO/IEC 27001 to assure Business Continuity (ISO 22301) through ISO/IEC 17021 - ISO/IEC 27006 accreditation of public trust.

ISMS - BCMS serves as part of our adding - value - assessment tool for business continuity as well as a stand alone information security management system for certification.

    Note: Client-organizations can request to include ISMS - BCMS elements or its entirety with QMS ISO 9001, FSMS ISO 22000 and EMS ISO 14001.

ISMS - BCMS certification protocol follows an overall registration process , while focusing on privacy and confidentiality as integral part to security of information. We provide client-organizations with an ISMSA guidance.

BRS exclusive assessment teams carry the necessary competence  and objectiveness through a common a mission, values and vision sustained by a consumer-centric purpose to attest security of information effectiveness and business continuity. To this effect BCMS current ISO 22301 and ISMS ISO/IEC 27001 certification may well occur mutually exclusive or entirely independent.

Maintaining registration references a 3-year on-site assessment surveillance every 6-9 months (risk factor dependent). BRS will visit every 6 to 9 months by a professional assessment team.


Updating Process for 2013 ISO/IEC 27001 - ISMS brochure, pdf (3-pages)

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