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HealthcareBRS provides Quality Health Care System (QHCS) as a mean for hospitals, clinics, et al health care providers to demonstrate best-in-class quality management initiative. The USA provides the most effective health care worldwide and takes as model health care providers in California combining regulations and other internationally recognized and generally accepted (IRGA) benchmarks for healthcare regulatory purpose.

    We provide QHCS Standard free of charge to Care and Healtcare Providers.

BRS current QHCS applies within the Healthcare & Care sector providing a business advantage through management of risk and providing patient-centric services as integral part of a business strategy that equally benefit healthcare brand. This will help in healthcare process activities including requests for processing of information and competence in services by implementing a healthcare quality management system, healthcare organization and patients will benefit.

As an accredited public trust third-party service provider, BRS abides by laws and regulations that set standards and criteria on the foundations as follow:

  • Our decisions need to abide to a purpose to protect the respective community of patients
  • Our protocols are transparent and open, in adherence to laws and regulations
  • The determination to grant and issue certification are impartial and objective on the basis on assessment results
  • The assessment team is competent to the activities and healthcare specialty
  • We possess accreditation by a USA public trust which requires competence, impartiality and trust to the community of patients which we assess

BRS management certification applies a protocol that equally address health care with quality best-in-class practices for small, medium and large organizations.

Benefits of current QHCS:

  • Provides the fundamentals to help manage regulations and legal obligations within your organization's country or region.
  • To identify and manage effective controls through competence and reporting.
  • Helps reduce risks and administrative costs through improvements.
  • Provides the basis for measurement fundamentals and for trend analysis.
  • Improves controls and communications by adopting best practices and methods.
  • Contributes to compliance in accordance with legal obligations, regulations and contractual requirements, not to mere conformity.

In the USA we attest to HIPAA and provide an instrument of certification, either integral to QHCS or exclusive.

As helpful aid Download short document, QHMS - Quality Healthcare Management System based ISO 9001+


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