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SMS ISO 28000Security Management System (SMS) ISO 28000

SMS ISO 28000 sets forth the fundamentals for a security management system for the broad activities within the supply chains. Security risks factors affect process activities for which an organization can establish, implement, update, sustain and improve controls to reduce uncertainty on business continuity. This within the realm of a Business Management System (BMS); a proactive structure in addressing threats.

SMS ISO 28000 incorporating US C-TPAT, involves the processes and activities that encompass the logistics of freight, transport, distribution materials handling, safety measures, transportation, handling operations and quality assurance systems.

    SMS ISO 28002 provides the necessary guidance to the implementation of a security management system.

    BRS exclusive assessment teams are competent in matters of security for transport, maritime, infrastructures, equipment and personnel within supply chains. And carry a common a mission, values and vision sustained by a consumer-centric focus can bring in providing objective assessments.

SMS ISO 28000 applies to organizations including manufacturing, transport, service, storage and port (road, air, railroad and maritime) activities within the supply chain; inbound and outbound. Organizations that wish to:

  • Establish, implement, update, sustain and improve controls and performance,
  • Seek to assure adherence with the security policy,
  • Assists in legal obligations and regulatory compliance,
  • Demonstrate competence in matters of security,
  • Allows for impartial verification of competence in security to achieve accredited certification,
  • Promote your organization's competence in management of best security practices

In choosing BRS certification your organization will demonstrate their contributions to the security of people, equipment, machinery, infrastructure, goods, environment and other aspects byway of controls within your organization's role in the supply chain.

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