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Testimonials from GOB | GCC Recognized Entities conducting approved courses, including, among other entities; Next Step Business Education LTD - Canada, Food Safety International Network - International, University of Monterrey - Mexico, University of Zaragoza - Spain, WS Sanisgestión SL - Spain, BRS Türkiye - Istanbul, BRS Academy, Prinsip Mahir Klang, Advisory Central KL Malaysia ....

  • "Precisely what we need"... Nestle brands, Swiss
  • "Exceeds expectations"... Nestle brands, CBR
  • Thank you for your teaching by combining humor and experiences so well during training which keeps the class alert and having fun. A real learning experience.
    INL Former INL Idaho Scientists
  • "The final test provides a perfect blend for training"
    Food Engineer, Major Food Producer World Supplier
  • "The Myths and Realities is absolutely outstanding with facts and truth"
    Quality & Environmental Management Systems Consultant
  • "Course and presenter had the ability to relate an enormous amount of detail while maintaining sharp focus of learning"...
    Independent Consultant on FSMS ISO 22000
  • "Excellent use of practical modules and the written test was great"... Participant from Gallo Winery on ISO 22000
  • "The application of the Standard to the case studies"... Food Technologist from the Netherlands on FSMS ISO 22000
  • "To my surprise participants came to Canada as far from Namibia and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to  participate in BRS training venues... the EMS ISO 14000 program provides me with extraordinary knowledge and a global perspective on environmental management and the ISO 14000 standards..."

    Who has benefited from BRS approved training... (these are entities carrying a "Certificate of Recognition" to conduct approved courses - training venue)

    Beverage producers, alcoholic and non alcoholic
    Legal representatives
    Hotels such as Orient Mandarin, Blue Wave...
    Food Producers such as Nestle, Unilever, Cargill, Danone and
    many many others,
    Accreditation Bodies...
    Certification Bodies such as ABS, Kalitest, SIRIM, QMC, ASQR, Orion, Germanischer Lloyd's, Lloyd's Registrar, QSR and many others...
    Food safety delegates from Governments of the Americas, Euro Asia,
    Europe and Asia Pacific (most countries)...
    Packing producers such as Tetra Pack,
    Mayor milk producers,
    Meat producers,
    Poultry and egg producers,
    Meat inspection services,
    Equipment manufacturers,
    Veterinarian services,
    Industrial clubs,
    Sea food processors,
    Food chemical manufacturers,
    Legal Conselors
    And the list goes on...

    This is the trust and depth that BRS recognized entities brings when talking about experience... such as University in the American and European continents... and many others

  • Private sector environmental management systems practitioner on EMS ISO 14000
  • "I have taken 3 lead auditor courses in the past 6 years, and the discussions, materials and instructors of BRS course are far more competent than any others taken... including discussions on Sarbanes-Oxley"... P articipant from a company trading in the NYSE on QMS ISO 9000 - ISO/IEC 16949
  • "It greatly enhanced my knowledge and understanding of the intent of International Management Systems Standards"... Participant from TÜV Registrars on FSMS ISO 22000
  • "It was surprising the knowledge and insightful of the instructors in matters pertaining to food safety"... Food sector practitioner, Mexico on FSMS ISO 22000
  • "To my surprise issues of Kyoto Protocol, Sustainable Development and others leading into ISO 14000 standards was a pleasant surprise"... EMS Manager Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on EMAS and ISO 14000
  • "As the audience required, discussions address issues relevant to other standards and contemporary themes such as Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17024, Best in World-Class practices and how these relate to ISO 14001... the instructors are very knowledgeable and competent"... EMS practitioner from Canada on ISO 14000
  • "It was tremendously helpful to go outside the conformance "black-box" to truly understand the adding value concepts..."... US industry quality manager on QMS ISO 9000 - ISO/TS 16949
  • "The ISO 22000 Lead Auditor course provides with contemporary management tools for food safety..." Participant in behalf of the Government of Chile, Agriculture Department, on FSMS ISO 22000
  • "Excellent and intensive"... Food industry management systems process developer on FSMS ISO 22000
  • "The Food Defense Program is escellent because takes in consideration the challenges of the organization and the level of competence of the participants in food safety and shortly after we met C-TPAT for import into the USA"... Managing Director of fruit processors in the European Union carrying FSMS ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 certification




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