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The assessment-audit teams within BRS Euro Asia includes regions of the Middle East & North Africa (ME&NA), for specifics of legitimacy of BRS work contact us, BRS ME&NA (BRS LLC) is integral to the BRS Region.

In the profile registry page there is a list specific to ME&NA (Middle East & North Africa) region, this verifies the listing of client-organizations please <contact us>

To visit specific page for the ME&NA Region.

    BRS Euro Asia MENA with central locations in the cities of Tehran and Dubai and other cities:

    No. D 8th Floor, Radisson Plaza
    Dubai, UAE

    ARZYABAN KEIFIAT SAZ Co. (Registry No. 232939)
    Unit Number 308, Alvand Tower, Ebrahimi Street, Marzdaran
    Tehran Iran

    Tel. 009821 44386780-81

    Note 1: Due to the current situation, on shortage of valid training venues, BRS ME&NA provides these in a manner consistent with exercising due-care; BRS Academy. BRS ME&NA is locally accredited, and its purpose remains with international reach (GOB).
    Note 2: Due to the current situation within the Middle East specifics, BRS remains providing services through BRS LLC. No client-organization of BRS | BRS LLC shall se changes to their certifications as backed by BULLTEK REGISTRATION SERVICES, Ltd., Inc., U.S.A.

BRS Euro Asia collaborates with other Regions to assure competence, proficiency and impartiality in carrying out inspection, certification and brand activities. Equally, regions of the Andes, South America, Asia Pacific, North America and Europe (limited) collaborate as a BRS one system. For list of certified organizations link to profiles for the region.

Western Europe, Euro Asia, Middle East (ME&NA, this page portal) in Iran, Asia Pacific, North America, and the South America region contact us. For pricing visit our fee page.

Middle East and North Africa, ME&NA

BRS ROWO (Rim of the World Operations) California with experience in regions across the world has built a unique talent of professionals carrying our values, vision and mission; however, ME&NA operations are based conformity focus and henceforth to consumer-centric purpose while exercising due-care. ROWO's attention continues to be in the business process and activities with the support of a network of exclusive professionals worldwide.

BRS ME&NA qualified assessors carry the necessary proficiency in meeting higher level accreditation as well as local accreditation to help the private and the public sectors in fulfillment of consumer-centric' expectations. BRS



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