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The assessment-audit teams within BRS Euro Asia includes regions of the Middle East & North Africa (ME&NA), for specifics of legitimacy of BRS work <contact us>, the BRS(TM) ME&NA (BRS LLC) is integral to the BRS Regions.

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BRS (or BRS brand) does not provide open-public training in matters regarding management schemes. Any training provided by BRS is for internal personnel (assessment-auditors and support personnel).

Per international convention, BRS(TM) Regions have the freedom to choose accreditation for local activities.

BRS (TM) regions collaborate in unison through BRS Rim of the World Operations (ROWO) based-California U.S.A. collaborates with other Regions to assure competence, proficiency and impartiality in carrying out inspection, certification and brand activities. We exercise due-car based applicable laws and regulations. Regions including South America, Asia Pacific, North America and Europe (limited) collaborate as a BRS (TM) in unison.

BRS(TM) Middle East and North Africa, ME&NA Region

Bulltek Registration Services Ltd, Inc. was established in the year 2003 as requested within the marketplace for impartial and independent true exercise due-care. BRS(TM) team of founding professionals encompass experience within risk-based sectors of industry and special contracting that includes environmental, quality in service and products, safe foods, health, safety, security within numerous industries from across the world.

Rim of the World Operations (ROWO) provides a third-party working path from its own achievements. The application of internationally recognized and generally accepted (IRGA) benchmarks are equally applicable within our regional teams guided by ROWO policies and procedures addressing international conventions. BRS(TM) world of experience industrial (private and public) sectors includes energy, food, aerospace, law enforcement, maritime, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, laboratories, construction, renewable energy, mining, protective services, commercial, architectural, cryptocurrency and others.

BRS(TM) effectively and appropriately organized lead by unison of regions and support focused by a proficient team of professionals with extensive track experience in respective discipline, that is supported by a skilled and dedicated team of operational and administrative staff.

Our growth is cautious as any third-party services provider should be, yet at the vanguard of independent assessment-auditing for validation, inspection, branding and certification. These within IRGA benchmarks sectors that encompass numerous fields including quality, environmental, food safe, occupational safety & health, physical security, virtual security. To this effect, every region is lead by proficient-professionals (PRO) exclusive to BRS(TM) working activities.

El al, BRS(TM) centralized to support regions through ROWO (Rim of the World Operations) California U.S.A. operates in unison with experience attained from regions across the world and that has built a unique talent of professionals carrying our values, vision and mission. We exercise the necessary freedom to bring client-organizations an unsurpassable option. This is enhanced by our primary purpose to protect communities and consumers straightened by our mission, values and vision. This is only possible through our network of PROs exercising due-care based applicable laws, regulations and contractual agreements spanning worldwide.

We carry the necessary proficiency through higher level of accreditation and with the freedom to acquire local accreditation in helping private and the public sectors in the fulfillment of consumer-centric' expectations. BRS



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