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The assessment-audit teams within BRS® Euro Asia includes regions of the Middle East & North Africa (ME&NA), for specifics of legitimacy of BRS work <contact us> at BRS® in California, USA.

Our independent and impartial third-party accredited services are inactive due to current situation within the region. Once activated in the future we will inform through this page.

BRS® (or BRS® brand) does not provide in-house training, open-public training or consulting in matters regarding management programs. Any training provided by BRS is for internal personnel (assessment-auditors and support personnel).

BRS BRS(TM) Middle East and North Africa, ME&NA Region, inactive since 2018.

Bulltek Registration Services (BRS) Ltd, Inc. was established in the year 2003 as requested within the marketplace as a mean to provide true impartiality and independence based on exercising due-care. Due-care is excercise through our mission, values and vision to a dignify purpose. BRS(TM) teams are set forth by exclusive proficient-professionals (PRO) in concert effort with ROWO. These encompass experience in support with Rim of the World Operations (ROWO) within risk-based sectors of industry that includes environmental, quality in service and products, safe foods, health, safety, health, security within numerous industries from across the world.

We carry the necessary proficiency with higher level accreditation that brings freedom for the Regions to acquire local accreditation in helping private and the public sectors within their region, and this in the fulfillment of our consumer-centric' purpose. The excercise of due-care based laws and regulations to contractual agreements.

We reiterate, that there is no BRS® current authorized third-party certification body within this region.









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