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BRS provides accredited management system certifications, inspection, and validation services across America (North, Central & South), Australasia, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Eurasia, and Europe. Our working activties need be BRS authorized and Rim of the World Operations (ROWO) supervised.

We are a consumer-centric third-party management services provider that includes; QMS (e.g., ISO 9001 and TS 29001), OSHMS (e.g., ISO 4500 based applicable legal regulations 29 CFR 1910), QMS MDD (e.g., ISO 13485, QSR), QMS Healthcare (such as QHCS), EMS (e,g., ISO 14001, NEPA), EnMS (e.g., ISO 50001), FSMS (ISO 22000, HACCP HARPC MS, and HACCP MS (based current HARPC - Preventive Controls), OSHMS (e,g.,  ISO 45001), ISMS (e.g., ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 22301), SMS (e.g., ISO 28000), Business Brand Value (applicable ISO 10668), SR&A (Social Responsibility | Accountability, e.g. ISO 26000), and similar applicable benchmarks.

  • Through Regions we carryout accredited work activities that are consistent worldwide and attune to international conventions and applicable laws and regulations. Work that is carry out through a team of proficient and exclusive professional bearing a common mission, values, and vision to a dignify purpose... Click in the region  of choice, consumer-centricBRS Sur AméricaBRS ASEAN, Asia PacificBRS USA, North AmericaWestern EuropeVerify legitimate BRS certication in the Middle East.Indian Ocean - Vacant ...a consumer-centric purpose to protect communities and consumers;
    • We understand, respect and abide by regional cultures and laws supported by our mission of friendliness, courteous, ethical, competent, and value-adding-assessment
  • We are forward-thinking consumer-centric organization with a global perspective with exclusive supporting teams worldwide; et al we think globally while acting locally,
  • We provide cost-benefits while striving to contain expenditures and costs to client - organizations,
  • We maintain wide-open communication and deliver straight talk,
  • We guarantee to pursue and seek adding - value through consumer-centric assessments, and
  • To protect the goodwill of trademarks so that client-organizations to utterly benefit consumers. And this is possible because each of BRS regions are integral to the USA based BRS Rim of the World Operations.

We provide assessment toward inspections, validation, branding, and certifications to the following Programs;

QMS applying ISO 9001 and QMS Healthcare (QHCS) as signatory to the protection of consumers...

QMS MDD ISO 13485 (as regulatory affair activity for medical devices and protection of consumers) medical devices and sectors for the protection of communities and consumers; certification is conducted under strict controls and authorization from BRS central operations USA

EMS ISO 14001 & EMAS, Environmental, protect communities in adhering to regulatory and legal obligations

FSMS ISO 22000 Food Safety and FSMS HACCP MS / HARPC MS for the Protection of Consumers & Communities - preventive controls adhering to legal and regulatory obligations including point-of-origin and point-of-sales.

OSHMS (ILO-OSH | ISO 45001 | Loss Prevention, 29 CFR 1910, 1926) protection of personnel, health, safety and resources to protect communities and consumers.

ISMS ISO/IEC 27001 (ISO 27001), Security with BCMS ISO 22301)  protection of confidentiality and privacy as well physical security. Certification needs be conducted under specific controls from BRS USA that includes adherence to legal and regulatory obligations such as HIPAA, GLB, SOX.

Brand Valuation Assessment  provides for the application of BBV based ISO 10668, the BBV framework addresses objectives, basis of value, approach and method, souring of data, quality and uncertainties of the brand valuation,

SMS ISO 28000 protection and security within nodes within the supply chain applicable to entry and exit ports

EnMS 50001 provides for organizations to save energy costs and adhere to best practices on green house emissions (GHG). Certification demonstrates  organization's competence in energy saving while adhering to country regulations.

LPSMS Training Service Providers ISO 29990 provides for organizations to achieve certification, whether a trainer, consultant, institute, school and others providing training - knowledge education and training.  BRS certification demonstrates  to stakeholders the necessary competencies in adherence to laws and regulations.

ISO 10668 - BBV, Brand Business Value

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World Regions, in reference to the links in the above mapamundi:

    America - North America, Central and South America. Direct Working Teams in Canada, USA, Mexico and Colombia


    Australasia - Asia Pacific includes from South Korea to New Zealand with Direct Working Teams in Malaysia, Philippines, and New Zealand


    Middle East & North Africa includes base of Operations in Dubai and Istanbul for Gulf Countries and North Africa  contact us.


    California based "ROWO" Management Team member across the world and includes Euro Asia | Eurasia based in Ankara, Türkiye, Greater Toronto, Canada


    Europe based in Western Europe within the Regions of Aragon and Galicia


    Indian Ocean - Open


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