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Challenges and more challenges
The challenges that businesses and organizations, private and public, are unlike any previous time in history. We are in an economy that throws challenges after challenge to businesses, yet many take advantage trough prosperity (and not merely to survive). We must understand that businesses and the organization's competence is dependent on the competence of each member within the organizations within its own supply-chain.

The International Organization for Standardization (namely ISO) is a European based federation for the publication of technical standards which includes management systems.

The ISO is a European non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 1947 based in Switzerland. Its mission is to promote the development of standardization concurrent with the development to cooperate within intellectual, scientific, technological and economic activity across borders. The work of the ISO is not to surrogate or underpin the laws and regulatory of sovereign nations but to provide a mean to help in standardization through a free market.

BRS is an accredited third party (extrinsic) entity with a legally binding charter to the protection of communities and consumers by applying ISO based management systems.

    BRS designed and developed programs that are approved for recognized entities to conduct. BRS does not conduct in-house training venues nor open to the public in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific 

The BRS Academy in the Middle East is authorized to carryout fundamental training to help businesses and governments understand the intricacies of better-class practices. Also, in collaboration with UNIDO or USAID we may provide  valuable training venues. Effective management system skills and know-how are critical to everyone within the private and public sectors, manufacturing and service, in facing the new economics realities. The fundamentals of your management system, understanding and interrelations could mean the difference between success and and failure. Competence will reach and exceed your organization's objectives and provide the interested parties satisfaction by providing for:

  • Protection of consumers,
  • Application of Economically Viable and Best Available Technology,
  • Face global challenges,
  • Less bureaucracy and cumbersome systems,
  • Gain competitive advantage,
  • Sustain and gain customers through a consumer-centric approach,
  • Tackle challenges and gain through improvements, and
  • Learn and apply contemporary assessment methodology

Participants will learn, minimum:

  • The best-in-class practices and methods, pragmatic application of management systems,
  • Ethics with integrity values and "due care",
  • High level of understanding of the the assessment process based on facts from Planning, In-Assessment Techniques and through Completion and Closure of Assessments,
  • Applicable legal and regulatory requirements,
  • Due-care and Due-diligence assessment practices, and
  • The myths and facts of certification and accreditation programs.

BRS designed and kept up-to-date programs are for BRS professionals which we have opened for recognized entities to conduct. In this way, BRS an international certification body, remains its focus in the certifications and elude any conflict of interest in providing training direct training venues. The approval program for recognized entities to conduct requires that instructors be qualified to conduct training.

Prior to the onset of the 1987 version QMS ISO 9001, in the early 80's our lead instructors where training professionals in best-in-class management practices. No other professionals have comparable backgrounds combining over 30 years of pragmatic experience. This experience can be tacitly transfer through workshops (learning experience). 

Feel free to contact us to provide you with the closest recognized entity conducting approved training venues.


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